Ask an Expert: How To Build An Engaging Online Auction

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Crafting an auction filled with fun and desirable auction lots can be more challenging than it seems at first. However, Heather Dawson from Heirloom is going to provide a few tips and tricks of the trade that will make it a bit easier. 

Specifically, you will get answers on:

  1. Debunking Internet Auction Myths

  2. How Do I Craft A Great Auction Lot

  3. Avoiding Cataloging Mistakes That Will Create A Headache On Pick Up Day

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Heather Dawson

Heather Dawson was born into a family-owned and managed Auction and Appraisal business in New Jersey. Now she owns Heirloom Appraisal Services and Downsizing Solutions, as well as franchised ownership of the Senior Move Management company called Friend of the Family.
She provides valuations, appraisals, decluttering and organizing services, move management, and estate sale services.
Heather provides clients with an A to Z service that helps to guide the transition of all things cherished.