Everything You Need to Know for a Smooth MaxSold Pickup

What to expect as a buyer at a MaxSold pickup.

MaxSold is an online auction company with local pickup. Whether you are new to MaxSold or a seasoned bidder you need to know what to expect once you've won an item and received your invoice. What are the next steps? What should you look for when you arrive on-site? Most importantly, what new guidelines MaxSold has put into place to ensure everyone's safety at pickups.

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Sadie Babcock

Sadie Babcock joined the MaxSold Marketing team as a marketing assistant in 2018 and is now the content manager for the company. She oversees the various projects, most recent of which is our eMagazine the MaxSold Caller, and our Buyer webinars. If you have any questions, you may reach out to Support@maxsold.com, or 1-877-257-7799 ext 1