4 Steps 12 Tips to Maximize Your MaxSold Auction

Learn more about how to make your MaxSold seller managed auction better

Patti Ridlon, Director of Operations at MaxSold, will be presenting the 4 steps in the seller managed process and the 12 tips to make it better.


  • what is listed in the do-not-sell list?
  • what are the tips for efficient cataloging?
  • the three tools to help your auction (client tracking link, invoice, and settlement report tool) 
  • how to ensure a successful pickup? 

We will round up the webinar with a Q&A session, so you can clarify any questions you have.


PS. Some tips on the best way to watch this event: You can view this event from your phone, but the best user experience is from your desktop or laptop computer. We also suggest watching this event within Google Chrome. (Google Chrome is the most compatible).  

If you are an Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, IOS users need to have the Easywebinar app to participate in a live event.


Presented by


Patti Ridlon

Patti Ridlon joined MaxSold as a cataloger/photographer in 2013 and now as the director of operations, she oversees the auction executions in the MaxService team. You may reach her at maxservice@maxsold.com and 1-833-MAXSOLD ext 9 for any questions.