Ask an Expert: How to Settle Your Loved One's Estate By Honoring Memories and With Less Stress

Webinar on Thurs, 18 June, 2020 at 01:00 pm EST

Perhaps you are responsible for settling the estate of a loved one or you are a service professional enlisted with this task. Organized Transitions LLC® is well versed in working with individuals or companies to facilitate the closure of an estate. 

Where do I begin? What do I do with the house and all this stuff? Who should I call first? These are some of the questions often asked when presented with the daunting task of estate settlement. We know it’s time-consuming and oftentimes accompanied by a time of grieving or loss, and we want to help lessen the burden. 


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Elaine Fernando

As the founder of Organized Transitions, a NJ-based move management, and professional organizing company, my mission is to make life’s transitions stress-free for my clients. People come to me overwhelmed and unsure when, where, or how to start. Simply put, I’m their solution.

From residential organizing and facilitating moves to closing businesses and liquidating estates, I facilitate transformation beyond bins and labels. My projects range from photo organization and filing systems to complex relocations. Large jobs or small, empowering clients to simplify and systemize their lives is my passion and my joy.