Ask an Expert: Selling Your Home During and After COVID-19 Environment

How can you successfully navigate this real estate market?

Relocation, downsizing or estate sales wouldn't be possible without Real Estate experts selling homes for everyone in need of a transition. That's why our next webinar will be Ask an Expert: Selling your home during and after COVID-19 environment. How can you successfully navigate this real estate market?.

We invited three experts across North America to share their expertise with those who need to close an estate in these challenging environments. In the end, we will round up with FAQ and feel free to send your questions in. 



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Jordan Beckwith

Over the last 15 years, my belief has grown even stronger that “you can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want”. Whether as an employee - meeting and exceeding the sales targets set before me, or as a business owner - creating solid financial budgets and strategies for my clients, the central focus that drives me has remained the same - positively affect the lives of the people around me.

I have had the privilege of working for some great companies like Cintas, where I developed my skills in sales, management, customer service, organization, and time management. Or, as a Currier Driver with UPS where I strengthened my customer relations skills and gained a greater understanding of the goals and the operational side of this international company. And a 10-year career with Hydro One has helped me in so many ways to get a larger vision to serve more people.

All of the above has had a deep impact on how I interact with people and on my drive to excel in all areas of my career and day to day life.
Today, I have strong abilities in leadership, communication, team building, finances, mathematics, and sales negotiations. In my sales positions, I have achieved multiple awards such as #1 producer in sales revenue out of 150 people, #1 in internal growth and contract renewals, Rookie of the Year and Platinum sales level in my first 12 months in the Real Estate business with the focus on top results for my clients.


Barbara Giberson

Barbara grew up in North Dallas where she lived on 80 acres and rode her horses! When Barbara got her Real Estate license in 1985 she purposed herself to learn every area of this region so that she could be a wealth of knowledge for all of her clients. She's been able to help clients buy and sell homes all the way from East Texas to West of Fort Worth, up North almost to Oklahoma and down into the Hill Country. Her main stompin' grounds are the North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Flower Mound region.

Barbara has taught many classes to agents including Appraisal Method Market Analysis and Working with Buyers to help them achieve their best goals. Most of Barbara's clients still live in the homes she has helped them buy and her sellers come back to her repeatedly for her to sell their properties.
Barbara likes her career and plans to stay healthy and vibrant to continue for at least 2 more decades. In the meantime, she mentors new agents and for fun, she plays with her Jack Russell Nina who always insists on daily runs!!