Fly on the Wall: Easy Setup Webinar

Sort through over four decades of belongings and set up for a MaxSold auction

Wish you could by a fly on the wall and watch another professional organizer or move manager...

(1) Interact with the client
(2) Sort through over four decades of belongings
and (3) Setup for a MaxSold sale?

We’ve taken 15 hours of video and edited it down to 20 minutes.

This video is framed with a 30-minute overview of the four client scenarios you run into, and how to handle those scenarios in the sale of goods context.

In under 50 minutes, you will get the essentials of how 100s of professional organizers and senior move managers and organizing professionals have easily increased productivity, client satisfaction, and reduced stress by leveraging best-in-class, industry-leading tools, and processes.


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What the sites look like after setup:


PS. You can view this event from your phone, but the best user experience is from your desktop or laptop computer. We also suggest watching this event within Google Chrome. (Google Chrome is the most compatible).  If you are an Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, IOS users need to have the Easywebinar app to participate in a live event.


Presented by


Cathy Gordon

Cathy Gordon is the Estate Services Manager at Gordon’s Downsizing & Estate Services. A team member at Gordon’s since 1992,  leads a team of 3 lead transition specialists and 15 transition team members, and together with her team, manages all clients’ move, resettlement, sorting contents and preparing the house for the real estate team. Cathy is a Certified Relocation & Transition Specialist (CRTS) and is perceptive at providing support to our special senior clientele through every aspect of transition, including helping with choosing the most suitable new home or retirement community and guiding tough decisions what to take or give away.



"Your information is invaluable and will be helpful to any clients that I acquire who will need your services."
- Keena Keel, DownSizing Consultants
"I'm brand new in this business (Senior Move Management), although I've been a professional organizer for 30 years. You covered a lot in the hour long webinar. Thank you."
- Maria, Simplize Your Life

"The webinar was excellent - I will watch it again as it did go quite quickly and I was making notes!"
- Pauline Bullock, Downsizing Divas

"Excellent Presentation. Thank you!"
- Mary Ann Curren, Adult Transitional Care

"Great Webinar. Great information. Well done."
- Eric Pierce

"It was very helpful. Thank you!"
- Mary Malberg

"Good overview and helpful."
- Felise llano

"Thank you for the clarity of the video and presentation.
I suspect there are professional organizers who are unaware of your services and could benefit from it in a number of ways."
- Robynne Potts, Organized 4 Results

"The webinar was great and extremely helpful. Thanks again. Well done!"
- Stefana Montuoro

"Great webinar, very informative."
- Eliza Baldridge, Sort Smart