Work Smarter - Not Harder.

3 Tips to Optimize Auction Results

This webinar is applicable to one-time sellers, partners, and resellers alike and will focus on three big insights learned from executing tens of thousands of online auctions. These insights aim to help you maximize value while minimizing time. We hope to help you Sell. Everything. Simply. for you, or someone you know with downsizing or estate sale.


PS. You can view this event from your phone, but the best user experience is from your desktop or laptop computer. We also suggest watching this event within Google Chrome. (Google Chrome is the most compatible).  If you are an Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet, IOS users need to have the Easywebinar app to participate in a live event.


Presented by


Adam Gordon

Adam Gordon is a father, husband, family business owner, retired military officer, management consultant and auctioneer.  Adam brings innovation and high-efficiency to those serving clients who are downsizing or settling an estate and is passionate about serving those with the overwhelming task of what to do with excess stuff!  Adam holds a B.Eng from the Royal Military College of Canada, an MBA from Queen’s University, and has been a speaker on topics such as process optimization, expectation management, and the event-based online auction process.